Rejecting the good

She found this man
in the middle of a dark night
with tears raining from heaven
and from her eyes.
She knew this diamond looked good on her
and her friends were jealous
and told her to keep it
as a gift of life.
She realised,
this wonder can only happen
once in a lifetime
and just now and today.
He was like food,
when she was starving.
He was like cream,
when her skin was dry.
He was like water,
when there was thirst
for someone who has
pure love, pure passion
and fully respect to her.
She saw a light at the end
of the tunnel,
but it was only the truck
of wrong ideas
and a lack of confidence,
a missing will to
put energy into someone else
that is not herself.
The light in this tunnel
grew bigger and came closer,
but it was only the truck
driven by herself
and it was too late for him
to rescue her,
because she already let him go.
His hand too far
to reach her
before the truck,
rolled over her.

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