Lovely creatures

You took my hand and said:
„I want to show you friendship.“
We went down to the river
and talked to the fishes.
They explained us how they can flow
with the river and breathe
inside water.
We both jumped into the current
and tried ourselves
and we failed.

We went to the forest
and spoke to the trees.
They realised, we are too small
to smell the air up in the sky
and they showed us how to breathe
with leaves and how to drink
water with roots.
We tried to drink from the
dark thick ground and we failed.

We went to the highest hill
and spoke to the birds and
they laughed at us, that
we are not even able to fly.
But they showed us how to spread your wings
and swim in the air,
like fishes do in the water.
We ran as fast as we could
down the hill and tried to fly,
but landed on our feet and fell
back into the world of humans.

There they laughed at us
and called us crazy and
we asked ourselves
what is it that humans can show us?
They can’t fly, can’t breathe
in water and with leaves
and don’t have roots to drink.
But we found a tree, a fish and a bird
at their homes, but no-one dared to listen
to these lovely creatures.

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