sometimes you know
which direction you go
sometimes you don’t even know
where you actually are
and what you actually feel
just stumbling around
in a fog of illusions
bumping into other people
standing in the same fog
but holding a torch
to see more clearly
their way
out of this diffusing day
full of confusing thoughts
and contradicting feelings

to love someone
requires a heart
and not an agreement
with your mind
when your heart
and your mind
walk into different directions
you only create confusion
for yourself and also
for the one who loves you
but it means to loose this person
who you like
but not deeply love
once and for all
because love with mind
and heart bloomed
on the other side
but not on yours

A rainbow from my heart

I flushed my past life
down the toilet
for walking the wrong pathes
and making grave mistakes
with ideas, thoughts, relations
and a wrong job,
that all caused depressions.

I planted the seeds
of a rainbow
to enrich my life
with bright colours
and I enlightened the sun
to get up in my heart
and to start a new day at dawn.