Das Gedicht im Baum

Im Wald,
da stehen nicht nur Bäume.
Zwischen den Stämmen,
da huschen die Seelen
und Geister
und auch Dämonen,
die vor der Zivilisation
dort Zuflucht gesucht haben.
Um die Stille
zu geniessen
und dem Rauschen
der Baumkronen zu lauschen,
wenn sie sich im Wind
bewegen und tanzen.
Fernab des Lärms
und dem Summen der Autos
inmitten des Dschungels
aus Beton und Stahl.
Die Füsse baumeln im Wasser,
der Kopf folgt den Düften
von frischen Wiesen
und knackigem Holz,
es knistert im Dickicht
und es knistert vorm Ende.
Die Seelen und Dämonen
huschen um die Füsse
und bringen dich zu Fall,
noch ehe du dich versiehst,
liegt dein Kopf im Sumpf
und du wirst elendig ertrinken
im Morast des Moores,
das zuvor eine Kultstätte war.
Sie opferten Tiere,
ihre kostbarsten Dinge …
und manchmal auch Menschen.
Du hast dich geopfert,
ganz freiwillig und bewusst.
Deinem eigenen Leben
und dem Streben voran zu gehen,
ohne Netz und doppeltem Boden
und ohne die Hand, die einen hält
und aus dem Treibsand
des schwarzen Moores
heraus ziehen kann.
So sinkst du immer tiefer,
mitten hinein ins Leben,
bis am du am Ende
den Grund erreichst,
wo dich niemand mehr hört,
deine Lieder und deine Klagen,
deine Flüche oder dein Weinen.
Was bleibt ist das Liebesgedicht,
dass du einst in den Baum geritzt hast,
um dich einmal auszudrücken
und ein Herz zu gewinnen.
Aber es hat niemand gelesen.


I am very sorry, but from now on I will turn my language of this blog into German.
It is my mother language and I see, that I can express myself the best way in my natural tongue.

On and off I will post poems in English, but the main language will be German.

Inmigrantes ilegal: Che Sudaka

I have seen Che Sudaka the last time in 2007, when they plaid in a small venue in my hometown and were not as popular as they are today.

Since then, I followed the band, but did not see them live again. Unfortunately. But this long thirsty period was about to end today, because they were playing in my most loved venue at the Bahnhof Langendreer in Bochum.

When I first arrived there, a lonely DJ was playing some music from the stage and it later turned out, that he was part of the first band Banda Senderos from my hometown Essen. A singer joined the stage later and they plaid a few songs with music coming from the computer and this guy singing in Spanish and German. The band actually were nine people, and I don‘ tknow where the other seven were this night.
It was the very same band, that my brother gave me a CD as birthday gift recently. I was not really a big fan of them, they were okay, but their sound did not kick me directly.

They finished very quickly and I was suprised if this was all. And it was.

Che Sudaka - live at Bahnhof Langendreer in Bochum, Germany on 02. February 2016.

Che Sudaka – live at Bahnhof Langendreer in Bochum, Germany on 02. February 2016.

After this, Che Sudaka was about to play. Che Sudaka is a band, that consists of former illegal immigrants, who came from Argentina and Colombia to Barcelona and formed a street musicians band in 2002. They became famous all over the world and plaid more than 1,500 shows.

They entered the stage and had changed slightly since I saw them eight years ago. But the energy of their music remained the same. They started their set off with the song „Una Kasuita“ and from that moment on, the show was a whole dream and the songs were floating into another and you could not resist to dance.

As expected, the room was packed with people and they were all dancing and smiling. The band was dancing, smiling and jumping as well and considered the audience as one family, because we all came here together this one very night to celebrate, be happy and listen to the great music of Che Sudaka. The singer Kachafaz did not get tired to mention it. You could see in the faces of the people that they were happy too and smiling. It is always good to bring positive vibes and a good mood to people, who just get out of their daily work or routine to see a band on a Tuesday night.

Che Sudaka is not shy to bring politics and social issues on stage and they even plaid one of my most favourite songs – „Sin Papeles“ – „Without papers“ about illegal immigrants in Europe. This song could not be more in time than ever when we think about the thousands of refugees entering Europe and many of them get a tattoo as „illegal“ or even worth: get deported. The band announced the song with „Kein Mensch ist illegal (No human-being is illegal)“ and „Refugees Welcome“. How could you not love this band?

Che Sudaka - live at Bahnhof Langendreer in Bochum, Germany on 02. February 2016.

Che Sudaka – live at Bahnhof Langendreer in Bochum, Germany on 02. February 2016.

I am always shy to dance and I also need to concentrate on my equipment and to get the right photo at the right time, so dancing is not my first priority during concerts, because I somehow have a mission to fulfill. But the longer the concert went on, the more I could not resist to join the may 400 dancing other’s. I had the impression, the longer the music went on, the more energy it created and the more it brought happiness and movement into the people. They even started to pogo at one of the last songs.

Che Sudaka finished their show with the song „Come Una Bomba„. It was 10:30pm. Pretty early as I realised later, when I stepped out of the venue. I drove back home and listened to the live CD „1,111 Lives„, that I bought for 5 Euros at the show and drank a Spanish red wine, while writing down this review.

Sin Papeles performed live: